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Help Feed Others And End World Hunger

World Food Day 2018 was observed on October 16. It is a day meant to bring attention to how individuals and the government can tackle tough issues like world hunger, malnutrition, and food shortages. You may think there isn’t much you can do when the problem is so widespread. But, even the smallest act of generosity can help. Ira Riklis has compiled some ways you can partake in stomping out hunger in America and worldwide.

Donate Food

Most communities have a food bank that is always in need of food. A great gesture for individuals and businesses is to donate food. Often, food drives will be held and you can give during this time. You can also donate food at any time as local food banks are always in need of food to feed the hungry.


Those willing to volunteer their time to providing relief to those in need are always in high demand. In fact, 51 percent of all food programs rely on volunteers to prepare and distribute food. So, if you’ve got extra time and want to help those in need you can volunteer at a food bank or other food program.

Cut Down On Food Waste

It is amazing how much food goes to waste. Countless individuals could be fed with the perfectly good food that is discarded. That is why it is important for you to do your part in cutting down on the amount of food you throw out. A few ways to cut down on food waste is to:

    • Only purchase the amount of food you will use
    • Eat Leftovers
  • Use Scraps

If you should have a lot of leftovers, you can take those leftovers or scraps and make a completely new dish for the next evening dinner. You may be able to get really creative and come up with something you’ve never had before. You might just discover a new favorite recipe.

Raise Awareness

It is much easier to raise awareness about important issues than it used to be. Social media and the internet can be used to spread the word about world hunger and food insecurity. You’ll also want to talk about this important issue with friends, family, and co-workers. The more people who are aware of this issue the more progress can be made in moving toward the goal of zero hunger.

Donate Money

If you don’t have time to volunteer or you want to do more than donate food, you can always donate money. You can give a cash donation to your local food bank or to any organization with the goal of feeding the hungry. In fact, giving cash is one of the most efficient ways you can help to defeat hunger. Organizations can turn that cash into food for those in need. Often, supplies other than food are needed to run such organizations. Cash can be used to purchase those necessary supplies in addition to the food that can be bought.

It is estimated that in the U.S. alone, over 40 million people face hunger. Sadly, this includes 12 million children and five million elderly. These individuals rely on organizations that provide food in order to get their next meal. Even though there is enough food to feed everyone on the planet, not everyone is fortunate enough to have a nourishing meal when they need it. So, the next time you start to throw away leftovers, just remember the millions right here in the U.S. that are starving. But, by donating food, your time or money and raising awareness of the problem, you can make a positive difference in the life of another person.

Groups Fighting To End World Hunger

It is unfortunate that the Charities have been lumped into a political argument. However, both parties have a valid point. The charities and people who support them are doing a lot to help the poor around the world. And the world should take notice. The best way to help end world hunger is to change the way humans think about money.

Let’s start with the rich. They donate lots of money to charities. But what happens when their money dries up? When it comes to charity, the rich should not be above suspicion. If they believe that giving to charity is immoral, then they should not be giving.

However, there are many charities out there that receive money from the rich and whose goal is not simply to help those in need. These are the charities that we hear about in the news. The ones that often mention in politics. The one thing they all have in common is that they provide assistance to those who have no hope. They alleviate poverty and disease, and they find a cure for cancer. And they do it without taking any of the money from the person who gives it.

Now let’s look at how we think about charity. We might think that there are only two things we can give to charity – money and food. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more causes for charity than food and money. And each of these causes has its own particular ways to help those who are suffering.

For example, there are causes for helping those who are suffering from poverty. One way is by donating to the construction of schools for the children who have no means to attend school. This is a very noble cause. When the poor get access to education, they can improve their lives. And they will also be able to contribute to ending poverty.

Another cause for charity is through the work of those who have experienced poverty themselves. Perhaps they have saved a cow that was on the verge of starvation. Or maybe they have planted seeds for an entire community that needs food. The impact these stories have on those who need the food is enormous.

There are countless other examples of charity work that you can donate to. If you want to help end world hunger, then one of the easiest ways to do so is through donating to a charity that helps the people who have been displaced due to poverty. These charities will ensure that the food that they are providing to the poor families is distributed as evenly as possible, so that everyone has something to live on.

Charities are not just good at helping out those who need help. They are also good at having a valuable impact on the lives of others. If you want to help them achieve this, all you have to do is think about how you can donate to a charity that helps the people who need it. It can make a huge difference in the lives of the people who are suffering, and it is certainly worth your time and effort.

There are many different ways that you can go about donating to a charity that helps people in need. One way is to find a charity that directly provides food and clothing to those who are in need. There are hundreds of such charities around the world. Once you have found a charity that you are interested in supporting, all you have to do is find out how you can help. It doesn’t matter if you have money to give, or if you are just willing to hand out your time.

One thing that you should always remember is that you should never forget how important your support for such a charity is. You may be able to help out a lot of people by simply offering a little money, but when you do so by donating generously, you are doing the world a favor. You can also work to raise funds for the charity through working as a volunteer or by participating in various fundraising activities.

Charities are often very special places where people can work to help out those in need. If you are feeling like you could benefit from helping out a charity that helps those who are in need, all you have to do is look for one in your area. By working hard to reach out to others, you can help to bring an end to the starvation of people who have been forced to go into exile because of the hunger strike. If you aren’t sure what you could do to help, you can search the Internet for various charity websites. You can even search for charity auctions so that you can bid on items that you think will help feed those in need.

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