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Creative Ways To Raise Money For Charity

There are countless charities that are always in need of money. While it’s great to donate your time and resources, it’s cash that significantly helps any charitable cause. There are many creative ways to raise money for charity. By being creative, you can get more people involved by making the event fun and engaging. This,... Read More

Help Feed Others And End World Hunger

World Food Day 2018 was observed on October 16. It is a day meant to bring attention to how individuals and the government can tackle tough issues like world hunger, malnutrition, and food shortages. You may think there isn’t much you can do when the problem is so widespread. But, even the smallest act of... Read More

Helping Hurricane Victims

Natural disasters, such as Hurricane Florence, that battered the Carolinas, brings about the need for individuals to band together and make a difference in the lives of those devastated by such events. Florence took the lives of more than 30 people and has displaced thousands and left them without even the basic needs of life.... Read More

How To Identify A Good Charity

Nothing feels better than giving to a cause that helps those in need. There is a charity for every cause imaginable. There are charities that raise money to help sick children, wounded warriors or for research of diseases such as cancer and various other causes. When you are contacted over the phone by a solicitor,... Read More

Give Teachers And Children A Helping Hand

If you have a child who’s in school, chances are good that you get requests from your child’s teacher for a donation of supplies. Teachers send such requests because they often have to fund classroom expenses out of their own pockets. On average, a classroom teacher will pay out of their own pocket about $468... Read More

Running For A Cause

As a runner, you might get asked why you run. Many who enjoy running do so without regard to the weather or time of day. Some people run for personal reasons. Others run for a cause. If you want to support a charity while partaking in some of the best runs, read on to see... Read More

Super Bowl Champion Chris Long Gives Back

Once in a while, a heartwarming story comes along that lets you know there are truly good people out there. One such case is that of Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl winner Chris Long. Ira Riklis discovers that he has donated his entire salary for 2017 to causes he supports. Long’s Commitment To Education Chris Long used... Read More

The Changing Face Of Hip-Hop And Giving Back

For decades, the hip-hop lifestyle has been synonymous with a certain love of luxury: fast cars, jewelry, gold teeth, and multi-million dollar mansions. Now, hip-hop as a genre is beginning to take on a more innovative and independent tact. Ira Riklis looks at how the genre’s biggest stars are using the proceeds from their multi-platinum... Read More

Cast Of Dodgeball Reunites For Charity

This week, Ira Riklis shares the story behind the cast of Dodgeball reuniting in an effort to raise some money for a great cause. Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Justin Long, and Christine Taylor reunite for a special event since the 2004 release of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. The reunion is set to raise money... Read More

The Work Of Mentoring USA

How do children grow up to be happy adults? Do young people from harsh environments believe they have a right to pursue happiness? Our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence as an instrument of change for a new–unmapped country–with an unknown future. Those men had a vision about unalienable rights such as life, liberty and... Read More