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How Your Cellphone Can Help You Raise (More!) Money For Charity

There are many ways that charities raise funds but one frequently overlooked method is using an app or a website. Here is a list of the top apps and websites charities should consider that can be easily accessed through a smartphone.

Apps & Websites That Charities Shouldn’t Overlook

If you are seeking funds for your charity, consider using:


By now you’ve likely seen that Facebook members can request that others donate to a charity of their choice. Events can be geared towards a specific charity or a cause. The best part is that Facebook doesn’t keep any of the funds that are raised.

The fundraisers that are created a public so that anyone can donate – even if you aren’t friends with the person who created it.

Just Giving

The creators of Just Giving have made it incredibly easy to get a fundraiser started. All one needs to do is download the app, create a profile page, and then select “Start Fundraising”. You’ll need to provide a goal and information on what the fundraiser is for, and a photo.

Just Giving does keep 5% of donations to help fund the app and 2.9% for anyone who chooses to donate via a credit card.

One Today

This fundraising tool, created by Google, shows users the impact that  $1 a day donation can make. Once a donation is made, users are provided with information on how their donation has made a difference.


This app helps to connect for-profit organizations with non-profit organizations that match their customer’s interests.


Do you have a competitive streak? Budge allows you to feed your desire for competition by allowing users to challenge one another to almost anything – for example, a game of chess. Prior to the game, a charity is selected and the loser has to make a donation to that charity. Fun and fundraising mixed together!


If your charity has celebrity connections then Omaze is for you! Users can donate a small amount for the chance to interact with their favorite celebrities!


In a matter of minutes, your fundraiser could be available on Fundly! This crowdfunding app allows you to share the fundraiser on Facebook, Twitter, and via email!


Most people have heard of Kickstarter but for some reason, many non-profits haven’t taken advantage of it. Kickstarter is one of the original crowdfunding companies and allows users to set up fundraisers that include a small reward to those who choose to donate.

The downside to Kickstarter is that each project must be fully funded by a certain date or the money won’t be received. In addition to this, charities must provide a product – simple fundraising cannot be done for a charity.

When a project recovers full funding, credit card fees and a 5% charge apply.


This truly is a mobile-friendly app – over 40% of users are mobile. Any non-profit can sign up and once a certain size is reached, analytics about donors can be obtained, providing powerful insight.

Be sure to do your research when determining which website or app to use for your charity as some may charge more than others. Happy fundraising!

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