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The Northeast Animal Rescue Charity

Northeast Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization that helps animals that are unable to defend themselves. Animals are entitled to certain rights that are not always respected. They have the right to exist as well as the right to become a part of a warm, caring family. Because animals are unable to talk for themselves,... Read More

Nonprofit Highlight: Women Against Abuse

Women Against Abuse is Philadelphia’s foremost non-profit organization dedicated to ending domestic abuse and providing services to those who have been affected by it. When you consider the amount of individuals helped by the NGO, you can understand how critical their program is. Consider the following information: 580 survivors are safely housed in Emergency Safe... Read More

Big Brothers Big Sisters Of America

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is a well-known children’s charity in the United States. Big Brothers Big Sisters, which was founded in 1904, is commemorating 110 years of making a difference in the lives of young people. The organization aims to demonstrate that all children are capable of achieving success and thriving in life.... Read More

Help Feed Others And End World Hunger

World Food Day 2018 was observed on October 16. It is a day meant to bring attention to how individuals and the government can tackle tough issues like world hunger, malnutrition, and food shortages. You may think there isn’t much you can do when the problem is so widespread. But, even the smallest act of... Read More

The Obstacles Encountered By New Charities In 2021

The annual New Charities conference was held in Washington, D.C. last week. It brought together hundreds of nonprofit organizations and thousands of advocates of change. Many organizations were created to improve one area or another. Some were formed to focus on social causes such as poverty. Others have been formed to provide direct financial support... Read More

What Is The Robin Hood Foundation?

The mission of Robin Hood is immensely powerful in its simplicity: To fight poverty in New York City. The foundation’s goal is to keep everyone that lives in the United States free from hunger, poverty, and other hardships. Many different people receive the help they need through the foundation every year because of their generous... Read More

Giving To Charity In 2020

We all know that the United States, as well as the great majority of the rest of the World, has faced hardships throughout the year. Many folks have been forced into financial situations that they were not prepared for. It’s only normal that giving to charity is not the most prominent thought in their mind.... Read More

Runs That Support Charity

If you and your loved ones are runners who are looking to do some good, consider a run that benefits a charity!  Runs That Are Fun, Challenging, & Benefit Charity Here is a list of some of the most popular runs that also benefit charity: The Boston Marathon   Most of the country knows about the... Read More