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Super Bowl Champion Chris Long Gives Back

Once in a while, a heartwarming story comes along that lets you know there are truly good people out there. One such case is that of Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl winner Chris Long. Ira Riklis┬ádiscovers that he has donated his entire salary for 2017 to causes he supports. Long’s Commitment To Education Chris Long used... Read More

The Changing Face Of Hip-Hop And Giving Back

For decades, the hip-hop lifestyle has been synonymous with a certain love of luxury: fast cars, jewelry, gold teeth, and multi-million dollar mansions. Now, hip-hop as a genre is beginning to take on a more innovative and independent tact. Ira Riklis looks at how the genre’s biggest stars are using the proceeds from their multi-platinum... Read More

Cast Of Dodgeball Reunites For Charity

This week, Ira Riklis shares the story behind the cast of Dodgeball reuniting in an effort to raise some money for a great cause. Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Justin Long, and Christine Taylor reunite for a special event since the 2004 release of Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. The reunion is set to raise money... Read More

The Work Of Mentoring USA

How do children grow up to be happy adults? Do young people from harsh environments believe they have a right to pursue happiness? Our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence as an instrument of change for a new–unmapped country–with an unknown future. Those men had a vision about unalienable rights such as life, liberty and... Read More

What Is The Robin Hood Foundation?

The mission of Robin Hood is immensely powerful in its simplicity: To fight poverty in New York City. What Does Robin Hood Do? Robin Hood is New York City’s largest poverty fighting organization. Founded in 1988, Robin Hood has created and funded programs and schools in New York City’s most at-risk neighborhoods. Programs funded by... Read More

Nonprofit Highlight: Project HOME

Twenty five years ago Sister Mary Scullion and her associate, Joan Dawson McConnon, founded Project HOME with the intention of terminating homelessness in Philadelphia. Thankfully their efforts do help, help people in Philly with jobs, education, and homes. Much progress has been made and there is a lot to celebrate with the opening of 55... Read More

Charity Highlight: Restore NYC

Restore NYC is a charity that reaches out to the victims of sex trafficking and helps to bring them out of hiding so that they may live a fulfilling life (read the Polaris report on trafficking here). By partnering with the court system and collaborating with both federal and local law enforcement, this charity strives... Read More

Philabundance: Meeting the Needs of the Hungry

Philabundance is an organization dedicated to stamping out hunger in the Philadelphia and the surrounding Delaware Valley area. Philadelphia is among the poorest large city in the United States. Food insecurity, the threat of hunger from an inability to access food, is a rampant problem in this area. According to research undertaken by Philabunndance, over... Read More

Children Of Promise

They say it takes a village to raise a child and that’s the basic premise of the children’s charity, Children of Promise. And that is what they’re doing for children of incarcerated parents in New York City, New York. The Children of Promise, located in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, is a non-profit, community based organization with... Read More

Philadelphia Corporation For The Aging

The Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging has been serving seniors of Philadelphia since 1973. They are a private, non-profit agency with a mission to help seniors and persons with disabilities to improve their quality of life. They do this through a compassionate staff and countless programs to assist seniors and the disabled. Their goal is... Read More

Northeast Animal Rescue

Northeast Animal Rescue aids animals that cannot defend themselves. Animals have certain rights that they do not always receive. They are entitled to become part of a warm, loving family, as well as the right to exist. Since animals cannot speak for themselves, they have others that are more than capable of doing their bidding.... Read More

Big Brothers Big Sisters Of America

Big Brothers Big Sisters of America is one of the nations most well know children’s charities. Founded in 1904, Big Brothers Big Sisters is celebrating 110 years of improving the lives on young people. The charity seeks to prove that all children are capable of succeeding and thriving in their life. Big Brothers Big Sisters... Read More