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The Northeast Animal Rescue Charity

Northeast Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization that helps animals that are unable to defend themselves. Animals are entitled to certain rights that are not always respected. They have the right to exist as well as the right to become a part of a warm, caring family. Because animals are unable to talk for themselves, they rely on people to carry out their wishes.

The Northeast Animal Rescue’s Mission

The Northeast Animal Rescue charity’s aim is to save lives, give animals with a loving and caring sanctuary, and equip pet owners with the resources they need to care for their animals. Whatever species of animal they are, they have a wealth of resources to assist them. All kinds of animals, from cats to dogs, are given the life they deserve while being cared for by skilled volunteers and professionals in foster care. Not only do they have an unending amount of affection, but they also have toys and grooming services at their disposal. Pet owners are even paired with animals who have similar interests and characteristics.

Northeast Animal Rescue also has a Facebook page, a blog, and a Twitter feed, all of which can be seen on their website. Northeast Animal Rescue also offers a volunteer application that you can fill out to become a member of their team. Anyone interested in donating to their good causes can do so by filling out the registration form on their Facebook page. Additionally, anybody interested in volunteering their time can email a photo and contact information to Northeast Animal Rescue to be added to the volunteer application.

On their Facebook page, Northeast Animal Rescue also offers a contribution button. Anyone may use this button to contribute money to a cause they care about by simply clicking on it. There is also a PayPal contribution option on the website that you may use. Donations made using the PayPal link will be sent straight to the blogger closet for charity. The money will be sent to the animal rescue organizations mentioned on the Northeast Animal Rescue website.

Charity Events that Makes a Difference

Throughout the year, the Northeast Animal Rescue holds fundraisers for homeless animals. The money goes toward medical expenses including vaccinations, medicine, and surgery. The funds will also go to animal clinics and hospitals, where vets will conduct spaying and neutering procedures.

Spaying and neutering make it simpler to find a good home for most animals. Some of the charity fundraiser activities are geared toward families, and they promote programs that urge people to assist homeless animals find permanent homes.

Popular Charity Events

The most popular charity events are:

Dinner Dealer Fundraiser

This event introduces 52 delicious deals from local restaurants. Northeast Animal shelter gets $10 from every purchase, and purchases are available online.

Cars for Pets

This annual fundraiser is usually held over Summer. There is going to be plenty of food, music, and drawings. This show will feature a showcase of exotic, antique, and sports cars. Drivers can enter their vehicles in the show for $20 each.

Other popular events are Spooktacular, Paw with Claus, and photography shop. These are just a few ways Northeast Animal Rescue and other animal shelters are doing their parts on raising funds, and awareness of homeless animals. The most popular and oldest program is Adopt a pet. Through programs such as these thousands of animals is already living in great homes, with loving families.

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