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Homeless Man Sleeping On The Street

Nonprofit Highlight: Project HOME

Twenty five years ago Sister Mary Scullion and her associate, Joan Dawson McConnon, founded Project HOME with the intention of terminating homelessness in Philadelphia. Thankfully their efforts do help, help people in Philly with jobs, education, and homes. Much progress has been made and there is a lot to celebrate with the opening of 55 new units thanks to Project HOME. Sister Mary Scullion was featured in TIME Magazine, read article here.

The History Of Project Home

Back in the 1970’s Sister Mary Scullion inter-graded herself among the homeless community in Philly for two weeks. She lived, ate, and slept on the streets so she could learn about the hardships the homeless faced daily.

According to Pew Charitable Trust research, Philadelphia has a 27 percent poverty rate, the highest in the nation (read report here). Today, Homeless Manthe economy plays a huge role in the reasons why there are many homeless people. Illness, abusive relationships, and drug abuse are also common factors that put people on the streets. Project HOME stands for Housing, Opportunities for Employment, Medical Care, and Employment.

Back when Project HOME was conceived, they had no idea how huge Project HOME would be. There are famous people backing up their events, drawing crowds and support for the cause. The latest is Jon Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi has a special place in his heart for the homeless, which is why he got involved with the cause. He helps out in many ways, especially with the veterans housing. His father was veteran, and Bon Jovi does all he can in the Philly area for the veterans of war.

Looking To The Future

Even though the project was spearheaded and founded by Sister Mary Scullion, she states that in the near future, it will be time to trust those around her in the foundation to handle everything. The paths have been laid out, and the wheels are in motion and have been for twenty five years, and she feels that Project HOME will continue to thrive when she retires. The organization is blessed and so are the people taking part in the organization. The gifts she has given the city of Philly are miraculous and all the cities in the US should follow in her footsteps, aiding homelessness everywhere until it is an obsolete issue. Visit Project Home for more information about the amazing work they are doing.

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