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Sex Trafficking

Charity Highlight: Restore NYC

Restore NYC is a charity that reaches out to the victims of sex trafficking and helps to bring them out of hiding so that they may live a fulfilling life (read the Polaris report on trafficking here). By partnering with the court system and collaborating with both federal and local law enforcement, this charity strives to restore hope and provide the right amount of support and care for the many victims of this modern-day form of slavery.

The Statistics on Human Trafficking

  • In 2011, it was reported that there were as many as 27 million individuals all over the world who were the unfortunate victims of human trafficking
  • It is estimated that at least $32 billion dollars are generated annually from the human trafficking industry
  • Our state department has estimated that about 18,000 foreign nationals are illegally brought into the United States each year due to trafficking
  • The United States is the second highest destination for trafficked women, with the majority going into the sex industry
  • There are approximately 800,000 victims trafficked across international borders per year, 70% for sexual use

The MissionHuman Trafficking Concept

Restore NYC has an outreach program and a safehouse program designed for victims of human trafficking. The Outreach Program meets with potential victims in order to identify possible signs of trafficking. Some of the red flags that the staff looks for include:

  • Poor working or living conditions
  • Poor mental health or behavior
  • Minors engaged in commercial sex
  • Personal records or identification documents controlled by another individual
  • Poor physical health

The Safehouse Program provides long-term housing to the survivors of human trafficking. With homeless shelters and domestic violence facilities offering a maximum stay of three months, trafficking victims are made aware of the safehouse program so that they can receive the long-term care and support that they need. All victims of this horrible crime are extremely vulnerable, and if they have no place to call home, they could end up back in the industry. Restore NYC ensures that this doesn’t happen by providing a secure living environment for those who need it.

It is the mission of those who represent Restore NYC to not leave these victims behind and without support. Failure to provide these individuals with the help that they need could result in them being re-trafficked, which is something that no one wants to see happen. If you or someone you know is in need of our services, you can call or text Restore NYC at (929) 224-2590 or visit their website here.

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