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Nonprofit Highlight: Women Against Abuse

Women Against Abuse is Philadelphia’s leading non-profit organisation helping stop domestic violence and give service to those affected by domestic violence. If you look at the numbers of people served by the nonprofit, then you can see just how much their program is really needed.  For example:

  • 580 survivors are safely housed in Emergency Safe Haven
  • 42 survivors found refuge in Sojourner House
  • 144 survivors maintain safe housing to the Safe at Home Program
  • 1,312 survivors served by legal center attorneys
  • 2,645 survivors served legal center court advocates
  • 1,039 survivors served legal center telephone counselors
  • 1,859 survivors contacted through the telephone outreach program

People Served

Women Against Abuse serves over 15,000 people each year in Philadelphia with their service. Most of the clients receive direct services including safe haven, legal and transitional housing earn well below the federal poverty line. Without the help of Women Against Abuse, these women would simply fall through the cracks and shorten their already endangered lives.

The organization is also active in the political front of Philadelphia. This includes their support for the Violence Against Women Act. The support was well needed this year due to the unprecedented controversy surrounding the re-authorization of the bill. Women Against Abuse continues the fight for the full function of the bill that is needed to bring over 68,000 Pennsylvanians help.

The nonprofit is the leader in several shelter, sanctuary, and wellness programs. In 2013, Women Against Abuse was awarded $2.5 million to build the much needed second safe haven for survivors. This safe haven is expected to open sometime in 2014. They are also finishing off their Sanctuary certified program to help their center promote healing from victimization by respecting the individual and promoting trust. To help the survivors find a permanent housing solution, Women Against Abuse partnered with Columbus Properly Management/1260 Housing Development Corporation to set aside permanent housing units with rental subsidies. Currently, 15 families now have a place to live thanks to Women Against Abuse. In addition to the housing, Women Against Abuse also offers community-based health and wellness programs that are especially effective in troubled areas.

Answers To The Rise In Domestic Violence

When Philadelphia had a 67% increase in domestic violence murders, including the majority of women who had already called 911 on their partners, Women Against Abuse responded by creating a telephone outreach program to assist 911 domestic violence survivors. They also implemented a fast-track entry law program that has moved the numbers of clients from 361 to 855 people last year, which means they more than doubled their legal client load and protected that many more people from domestic violence.

Women Against Abuse also works with hospital outreach programs to help screening and intervention services in the emergency department and in keeping in contact between those hospitals and domestic violence service providers.

It is easy to see all the good that this organization has done for Pennsylvania and all the survivors that live in the area. It would be quite devastating to imagine what the state would look like without Women Against Abuse.

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